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M A R V I N  M I L L E R

Founding Member | Interior Designer | Creative Director


Marvin Miller is a Principal at Rinehardt|Miller Interiors, a full-service, high-end Interior Design & Construction Management firm serving the NY Tri-state area, as well as Miami.

His attention to detail, and his background in the home furnishing industry, as well as being a project manager and interior designer at Interior Management, Inc. (IMI), one of New York’s premier boutique Design and Build firms, paved the way for him to start his own company with Leslie Rinehardt (former Vice President at IMI).

In 2014, R|M was invited to participate in the annual “Design on a Dime” Showhouse, and the “Designer Showhouse of New York” to benefit Lenox Hill Hospital, both of which contributed to raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity.

He is passionate about helping people realize the true potential of their homes, in direct relationship to being productive and creative in their professional lives.

He believes that people’s living spaces are a big factor in helping to re-energize, nurture, and balance the hectic and full life that occurs outside of the home.  “When we come home, we want to be comforted and taken care of… so to speak, and bolster us for the world we encounter on a daily basis” he says.  He accomplishes that by creating an environment that reflects the essence of the people that inhabit the space, with thoughtful design and lifestyle being paramount.

Central to the core values of Marvin & Leslie’s business, is the concept of giving back.  Through his work at R|M, his team is committed to using their talents to re-design the living spaces of at least one or two deserving new clients per year, who would otherwise not be able to engage their services.

Marvin resides in Edgewater, NJ, where he is a member of the Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce. In addition, he is a member of the Board of Directors for The Dance Institute of Washington in Washington, D.C., which is one of the Districts’ largest minority-run arts-related organizations, and is also a major proponent for serving under-served youth in the city.

He has a B.S. in Advertising Design from the University of Maryland.


L E S L I E   R I N E H A R D T

Founding Member | Interior Designer | Design Director 
Leslie Rinehardt is a principal at Rinehardt|Miller Interiors in Edgewater, NJ. She began her career with Interior Management Inc. (IMI) in 1984, a boutique general contracting and interior design firm. Working closely with IMI founder Al Martinez, Ms. Rinehardt quickly found her niche, becoming Senior Project Manager and Vice President during her 20 year tenure.

Upon venturing out on her own in 2004, she teamed up with her long-time friend, and designer at IMI, Marvin Miller to create Rinehardt|Miller Interiors, a full-service Design and Build firm. Rinehardt|Miller is quickly gaining industry recognition for their talents and lifestyle design. They have developed a stellar reputation amongst their clients, and are known for their attention to detail and how they integrate their client's personalities and lifestyle into their design process.

In 2014, R|M was invited to participate in the annual "Design On A Dime" Showhouse, and the "Designer Showhouse of New York" ( at The W Residences) to benefit Lenox Hill Hospital, where they were recognized for their thoughtful design concepts, which contributed to raising millions of dollars for charity.

Central to Ms. Rinehardt's core value, is the concept of giving back. Through her work at R|M, she and her team are committed to using their talents to redesign the living spaces of at least one or two new client's per year... gratis.

It is their belief that..."Our living spaces impact us in many subtle ways, so it is important that those aspects be positive. Our homes should re-energize and nurture us at night, and fortify and prepare us to meet the day ahead!" They wholeheartedly believe that surrounding yourselves with the things you love, and that reflect who you are, and who you want to be, are essential for creating the life you want in all areas.

She is currently a member of the Board of Directors for the NJ Gold Coast Chamber of Commerce.


K A R A   I N G R A H A M

Founding Member | Managing Director


Kara Ingraham has built a career of entrepreneurship, launching her first media company before age 30. She is the Founder and Publisher of EMMI Publications, a content company; delivering cultural narratives in both traditional and digital formats. In the past year EMMI Publications has published three novels and will release several Fine Art books, Children's books and a new novel in the upcoming year.

Early media endeavors included content and analysis for communications and advertising professional, developing strategies for branding and corporate identity. As content strategies have continued to evolve over the last several years, Ingraham has continued to align herself with other entrepreneurs seeking to expand the breadth of content available and enhance how it is delivered.

Ingraham has a long history of service, and is a strong proponent of companies with a public purpose. Throughout her career she has been committed to leadership and advocacy through her work on public policy and with non-profits. Her experience is comprehensive which includes both Board Service and volunteerism. She has always worked to create a more equitable and inclusive society.


A N G E L   S C H M I E D T

Programs and Development


Born in New York, Angel comes to the team with a diverse background of experiences, including Education, Psychology, Public Relations & Marketing, and Lifestyle Design.

She earned her B.S. in Psychology from Morgan State University and began her career in the health and education fields. From 1996 to 2010, she owned and ran a boutique P.R. Services firm, Guerrilla P.R., and established herself in the North East market.

In 2010 she created Eco-Lifestyle Living and began re-designing her life while coaching and teaching those around her. In 2011, Ms. Schmiedt joined Winsome Designs as an associate designer. As an Eco-Lifestyle Designer and project manager, Angel has been able to design and offer eco-lifestyle living services to an exclusive clientele.

As a former Director of Development for Take Stock In Children, Ms. Schmiedt partnered with organizations that specifically assisted young people from diverse ethnic and educational backgrounds. Through her continued work in Adult, Vocational, and Alternative Education, she has developed a comprehensive background in English language, literacy, and life skills. Her experience is cross cultural, and includes at-risk adolescents and adults.

Her outreach experience includes creating innovative events, with strategic partners designed to better the community socially, economically, and culturally, while promoting youth self-help through civic engagement. Ms. Schmiedt currently resides in Miami Beach, and is actively involved in community service, with several non-profit and educational organizations. As an artist, designer, activist and educator, Angel encourages her clients and students to re-evaluate their lives, explore their local ecosystems, and dream-up the life they desire.

Melody Photomelody

M E L O D Y  V A U G H N

Strategic Partnerships

Melody Vaughn, of Melody Vaughn Interior Design, a full-scale design firm, joins us as an integral part of the team and future member of our Board of Directors.

Melody, has been, and continues to be instrumental in the development of strategic relationships. Through her work and commitment, Melody had the foresight to bring together Mitchell Gold+ Bob Williams, Housing Works, and Design Angels. Allowing Design Angels to participate in Design on A Dime 2017, benefiting Housing Works, and allow Design Angels to bring awareness to Youth Homelessness. Melody brings her unique talents to design, and has developed a great reputation and a substantial client list such as Farrell Builders of the Hamptons, Tahl-Propp Equities and Brodsky Builders to name a few. She is also a magazine contributor, recently joining Domino Magazine as its Real Estate Staging Designer. We look forward to having Melody's boundless energy and strategic thinking as part of Design Angels.